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Individuals: Independently, Cadets study various aspects in aerospace, from the basics of flight, to space, to weather...  These lessons are found in the "Aerospace Dimensions" series Cadets receives upon joining and must pass tests on to promote.  Additionally, there are a number of resources Cadets and Seniors can study on their own - teacher curriculum is available as well.  Click for Educational Products  

A keystone of the CAP Cadet program is Orientation Flights  (O-Flights) in both powered and glider aircraft.  These are actual flights taken in CAP aircraft flown by CAP pilots.  The pilots follow a curriculum to ensure Cadets receive specific instruction for each of the 3 powered and the # glider flights they take.

Resources for pilot / flying lessons are available to CAP Cadets.

Squadron: As a squadron, one night a month is generally devoted to an Aerospace Education lesson.  MD-332 has completed a Rocketry unit, consisting of studying fundamentals of rocketry, and building & launching rockets.  Many of our cadets earned the CAP Rocketry Achievement.  Finally, we host aerospace-related guest speakers & demonstrations, and take local trips. 

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