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Physical Training

Physical Training

The goal of the cadet physical fitness program is to increase cadets' physical fitness and to motivate them to develop a lifelong habit of regular activity.

There are five facets to the Cadet Physical Fitness Program:

  • Activities- Get moving!  The heart of the cadet fitness program is activities.  Cadets will experience a range of fun, structured activities at squadron meetings and weekend events.

  • Academics- To get the most benefit from the program it's important that cadets understand the concepts of fitness, training, nutrition, and more.  Cadets learn about these ideas in both classroom and hands-on lessons, and then put them into action in their daily lives.

  • Attitudes- Cadets develop a positive relationship with fitness through the support of their squadron and their peers.  New cadets start by working with a fitness mentor, and then become the mentors themselves.

  • Assessment- To plan where you're going, you have to know where you are.  A quarterly fitness test will help cadets identify current fitness levels for personal goal setting and progress evaluation.

  • Awards- Celebrate cadets' efforts with a variety of awards.  Different awards recognize every level of fitness and each echelon of the program.

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