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Flying in West Virginia

During a recent conversation about flying in a glider, cadets shared their takeaways from their recent glider orientation flights in Petersburg, West Virginia.

"My most memorable takeaway from flying in the glider is maneuverability. It is very agile, responsive, and enjoyable to fly. You have considerably more feel of the aircraft and its movements in the glider than in a powered aircraft."

Agastya Haswar, Cadet Airman First Class, CAP

"It's like being catapulted forward at a speed of 0-60 in two seconds. I enjoyed learning from our pilot instructor, Brian Collins, about how the glider flies and soaring where the birds are." C/A1C Aslam.

"My favorite part about glider day was feeling like I was on a rollercoaster. I enjoyed flying in the sky and having control over an aircraft that you can interact with so much." Cadet Whittaker Ionita.

Cadets in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)program receive five powered and five glider flights as part of the Civil Air Patrol Aerospace program. To learn more, visit our squadrons webpage

Left to Right: Major Steve Weinhold, 1st Lt Sherry Moitoza, Cadet Whittaker Ionita, C/SSgt Haswar, Cadet Powell, Pilot Brian Collins, C/A1C Pandit, C/A1C Aslam and C/2nd Lt Luke Moitoza.

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