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Embracing the Unexpected

No one could have predicted the events that have transpired over these past six months.  The terms virtual, cancelled, quarantine, and PPE are now a part of our everyday expressions.  Unfortunately, words like COVID testing, food insecurity, eviction, and death are a part of our daily conversations too. The unexpected has made its way into all of our lives.

This month Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadrons discussed the idea of perspective during the Character Development lesson.  Certainly, a timely session in the course of these unexpected circumstances.  While there have been difficult things that required us to adjust and adapt these past six months, there have also been unexpected opportunities to embrace.

Faced with the call to serve, our squadron quickly created an Emergency Services Mission Team, something that we had not encountered in quite a while.  Both senior members and cadets were on the front lines directing traffic at multiple COVID Testing sites, preparing and helping to distribute hot meals to residents in Baltimore, and packing bags with produce and frozen meals that were distributed to senior citizens in Gaithersburg.  Since the end of May, this mission team served nearly 700 hours! 

The CAP Core Value of Volunteer Service can often slip into the recesses of our mind.  That particular core value speaks of "voluntarily giving of oneself, over personal desires, to provide for the welfare of others (CAPP 50-2).” Our Cadet Commander remarked, “In each situation countless number of people stepped up and worked tirelessly to help everyone effected by the pandemic.”  As the welfare of others was met through this service smiles behind masks changed our hearts, honor filled our soul, and a sense of purpose enabled a deeper self-awareness. Our lives became richer the more we pitched in.  One of our senior members said, “The appreciation of those I have served has brought me such joy and satisfaction.”  Our squadron never expected to have hundreds of hours to “practice” this core value of service, let alone have the time to reflect upon how each of us has been impacted in such personal ways. 

Embracing the unexpected has given the Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron a fuller and more realistic view of the present pandemic.  These opportunities allowed us to step outside of our own quarantine bubble to both see and serve those in need in our own neighborhoods.  These past six months have etched an indelible mark that will continually remind us that embracing the unexpected was one of the best choices our squadron ever embraced!

1st Lt Sherry Moitoza, CAP

Character Development Instructor

Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron

18 September 2020

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