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Wreaths Across America 2023

The Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron honors and remembers Veterans during Wreaths Across America Wreath Laying Ceremony at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland.

Rise As Leaders

The Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron celebrated leaders that achieved Phase I and Phase II awards on August 11, 2023. Cadet Tech Sergeant Agastya Haswar (L) and Cadet Tech Sergeant Sidharth Nair (R) both received the Wright Brothers Award. Cadet Second Lieutenant Luke Moitoza (Center) received the General Billy Mitchell Award. 

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Glider Orientation Rides

Cadets experience Aerospace education through Glider Orientation Rides in Petersburg, West Virginia.

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Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron 2023

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MD Medivac Helicopter Tour

Cadets learned about the mission of the Leonardo AW-139 Medivac Helicopter. Flights medics and pilots from Trooper 3 in Frederick, Maryland explained transporting injured patients, searching for missing persons, and assisting state and local police.

Orientation Flights

Cadets complete O-rides at Montgomery County Airpark.

Aerospace Education

Learn about Aerospace Education and other topics that the squadron explores.

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